Healing Arts Background

I started massaging animals when I was five and people when I was nine, developing early attunement. I completed a 600+ hour bodywork program in 1996 at Heartwood Institute, in California, and was certified in Neo-Reichian Massage, Zen Shiatsu and Polarity Therapy (a form of Reiki); styles that focus on moving energy and integrating emotion and consciousness. 

For 30 years I have practiced the teachings of Yoga, Taoism and Toltec metaphysics; validating their reality maps. Since 2010 I have also practiced the teachings of Bruno Gröning, a 20th century German mystic who radiated a healing force that helped thousands recover from long-term illness. 

I worked professionally in an office and in public: Market Street in San Francisco (1997 – 2006), Center Camp at Burning Man (2004 – 2017), Berkeley and Oakland Ecstatic Dances (2010 – 2015) and the Berkeley Farmers’ Market (2012 – 2019); venues that allowed me to work with a huge range of clients and take as much time as I needed to get positive results.  

My central professional challenge was preparing folks for transcendental experiences. I learned  what we need mentally, emotionally and socially to connect safely, communicate effectively, relax deeply, share profoundly, restore our naturalness, and replace negative memories with positive ones.

I now offer these experiences in relationships that support their integration. Because I am empathic, attuned and alert, and have had over forty years to develop the sensitivity and supportiveness of my touch, I offer moment-to-moment responsiveness and care many of us last felt when held as infants by our mothers. I offer wonderful experiences that can produce a revolution in who you feel you are.

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