Question Duality

Question Duality: Neo-Toltec language games is a 110 page book on a consciousness practice and self-programming language. It is comprised of three parts: (S)talking — the core of the code; Indulge Your Intelligence — a friendly first app; and Activism 101 — a strong shot of whiskey app for those ready to be more effective.

The book is available for download here. $8 for the whole thing, or the individual parts are $4 each (links are in bold below).

From the introduction:

Nietzsche noted that we avoid giving ourselves goals and exercising our authority; that we turn to a range of external authorities to avoid the responsibility of commanding ourselves. • Guiding our own consciousness by writing, directing and producing the neurolinguistic program that assembles our reality does the distasteful on the way to the unthinkable. • We hardly realize what we are doing. • As long as it is just a game, it seems safe.

Here’s a few bits of Part 1: (S)talking:


Aloud or silent, inside or outside: I is talking to and for itself. • I may be talking to you, but I is talking to and for itself. I may be listening to you, but I is listening to and for itself. • What I is saying reveals me. • What I is hearing reveals me. • I is answering questions and solving puzzles, revealing pieces and fitting them together by noticing what I am saying and hearing. • I hear here, listening for meaning in the noise in my head, acknowledging and letting it go. • When I hear myself saying “I”, “I”, “I”, I shout “Ai! Ai! Ai!” and let it go. 
When I hear myself saying “me”, “me”, “me”, I sing “Mi, mi, miiiiiiiii!” and let it go. • When clear and at peace I is silent.


When I hear ‘you’ I ask “You who?” • The ‘you’ you imagine about me, or the ‘you’ I imagine about me? • And when I say ‘you’ I make a you-turn, because ‘you’ reveals me. • I notice in you what I need to see. I notice in you what I need to be. And if my words burn or if they set free, they lead back to me. • What you do does not bother me. I feel bothered by my inability to act effectively. • ‘You’ helps me recognize the limitations of my habits and roles.…

Here’s a chunk of Part 2: Indulge Your Intelligence:

Ask your awareness to guide and command you. Listen to it. Let it have its way. Hear its excitement about growing, its insistence on vividness, and its hunger to explore. Balk at routines and unconscious rituals. Smash them on the ground and stomp on them. 

Thrill and exult in being a thinker. Get up on slack lines of thought above canyons of possibilities. Step out where your beliefs and stories do not protect you. Take off your definitions and feel the elements enliven your surface. Walk across fear into infinity. 

And here is a sample of Part 3: Activism 101:

Heal your social infections

Heal your social infections. Exfoliate your meanness. Picking semantic acne and poking gut rolls of inconsistency are gross and hurtful, so stop. When you are happy with yourself they will lose all appeal. Handle words kindly. Make cutting with them an issue you outgrew years ago. Want to understand yourself and others. Grow spacious enough of soul to accept perspectives and shadows. 

Abandon the sick persona corporate culture taught you. Refuse to use others as toilet paper or porn. Manipulating and aggressing them is juvenile and empty. Harvest the opportunity available. Discover what you like about them and you. Try honesty. Find out how far you can take it, and where it takes you. Be vulnerable. Share the ‘you’ who is still unfolding and allow it to be witnessed and encouraged.

Question Duality is available for download here.